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Town Clerk

Dawn Krul

Deputy Town Clerk

Jessica Freer

Welcome! My name is Dawn Krul and I am the town clerk for beautiful downtown Wolcott! My deputy is Jessica Freer and together we offer a wide variety of services to our public. On any given day, we may issue a marriage license, birth or death certificates, dog licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, handicapped parking permits or certificates of residency. We collect town and county taxes in January, February and March and I am a Notary Public as well. Our office is home to many documents, files, forms and lots of general information.

I would like to answer some of our more frequently asked questions.

Q. What will I need to apply for a marriage license?

A. You will need a picture ID. (driver's license/passport/sheriffs ID.) and your birth certificate. If you have been married before, any and ALL divorce papers or a death certificate if a former spouse has died. The license is good for 60 days but is not good until 24 hours later. The cost is $40.00. You no longer need a blood test in the state of New York. Also, both parties need to be present when applying for the license.

Q. What will I need to license my dog?

A. Dogs need to be licensed at 4 months old. You will need a current rabies vaccine (the paper certificate, not the tag) and a spay/neuter certificate if the dog has been altered. The current fees for the town of Wolcott are $13.00 for an unspayed/unneutered dog and $6.00 for altered dogs.

Q. What is the process for getting a handicapped parking permit?

A. If your doctor has recommended you get a handicapped parking permit, you can get the application from us. Then, you will need to fill out your part, take the application to your doctor so they can fill out their part and finally, bring it back to this office where we will fill out our part and issue the permit. PLEASE NOTE - this applies only to those who are residents of the TOWN of Wolcott. Those living within the village limits of Wolcott or Red Creek must go to the village offices.

If my deputy or I can be of further service to you, we can be reached at 315-594-9431. My email address is wolcotttownclerk@rochester.rr.com. Our office is located at 6070 Lake Ave., PO Box 237, Wolcott, NY 14590. We are open Monday - 8:00-5:30; Tuesday - 8:00-5:00; Thursday - 8:00-5:00; Friday - 8:00-3:30. We are closed Wednesdays, weekends and holidays.
Thanks for visiting our site and if you're in town, stop in and say "hello"!
Dawn M. Krul, Town Clerk
Jessica Freer, Deputy Town Clerk

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