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Welcome to The Town of Wolcott, New York


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Supervisor: Lynn Chatfield

Councilman: Adam Ellis, Jr.

Councilman: Dan Youngman

Councilman: Zachary Decker

Councilwoman: Lori Furguson

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Town of Wolcott
6070 Lake Ave.
Wolcott , NY 14590
Phone: 315-594-9431
Email: Town Clerk

Our Hours:
Monday - 8:00-5:30
Tuesday - 8:00-5:00
Thursday - 8:00-5:00
Friday - 8:00-3:30
We are closed:
Wednesdays, Weekends and Holidays

Located in Upstate New York

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Upcoming Rabies Clinics
Sept. 21st - Marion - 4037 N. Main St.
Oct. 12th - Huron - 10880 Lummisville Rd.
(all clinics are from 10am to 12pm)

Thw Wolcott Falls

The Town of Wolcott is located in the far northeast corner of Wayne County. The Town borders Lake Ontario and is part of your scenic journey as you travel New York State's Seaway Trail.

About the Town of Wolcott

The Old Town of Wolcott was created in 1807 and included what are now the towns of Huron, Rose, Butler and Wolcott. It was, at that time, a part of Seneca County. Consisting of over 28,800 acres, the current town of Wolcott is composed of an undulating surface with a general incline toward the lake.

Near the lake are several tracts of low marshland. Generally, the soil is a sandy and gravelly loam, which is well adapted to all kinds of farming and fruit growing.

The town was named after Gov. Oliver Wolcott of Massachusetts, one of the commissioners settling the controversy of the Massachusetts - New York boundaries. This established titles of lands in the area which had been in dispute.

In 1805, one of Wolcott's first settlers, Jonathan Melvin, purchased 500 acres in what would eventually become the village of Wolcott. Mr. Melvin built a gristmill and sawmill. In 1813, he built a frame house for his family and painted it black. He said the color reflected his personality. Apparently, this was not a fair assessment of himself, as he was known to be a very generous man. He donated land for a school and a church, and he was known to be very hospitable.

Wolcott Town Board Meetings
Upcoming Events and/or closing

Regular meetings of the Wolcott Town Board
are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM
at the Town Hall, 6070 Lake Avenue.
(unless otherwise noted)

- Please Take Notice -

The Wolcott Town Offices
will be CLOSED
Thursday, July 4, and
Friday, July 5, 2019

Free Fishing Days
June 29th & 30th are Free Fishing Days.

Upcoming Rabies Clinics

Sept. 21st - Marion
4037 N. Main St.
Oct. 12th - Huron
10880 Lummisville Rd.
(all clinics are from
10am to 12pm)

Date for July's Regular Meeting

July's Regular Board Meeting
will be held
Tuesday, Ju;y 16, 2019,
in the Courtroom.
ALL meetings are open to the Public.

Electrical Inspectors
MDIA - Paul Alguire 585-397-6825
MDIA District Office 800-641-6342 or 1-585-454-5191
Commonwealth - Sam Agnello 315-573-3779
NYEIA 585-436-4460

Local Law No. 1 of 2015
Town of Wolcott
Sewer Connection Law

Port Bay Joint Sanitary Sewer Project - Towns of Huron and Wolcott
July 22, 2016

Town of Wolcott's Tentative Assessment Roll 2019
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Town of Wolcott's Final Assessment Rolls 2018
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